A Word from the Wine Trail by Kari Skrip Gavenus

Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery 075Nouveau Weekend is one of my favorite events on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. Customers often ask me how long will it take for the wines from this year’s harvest to be ready. Well, Nouveau Weekend is your first chance to see the fruits of our labor.

Nouveau follows the French tradition that on the 3rd Thursday in November, the first red wine from the harvest is released. The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail has put its own spin on this tradition and most of the wineries release some type of new wine from this year’s harvest.

You can typically expect a Nouveau release to be a more straight forward wine showcasing simple, lighter and fruiter flavors. Remember, these wines have not had time to age or develop subtle nuances. You can also expect that this year’s sneak peak of the 2015 harvest will be a delightful look.

Across the Lehigh Valley, winemakers seem to be quite pleased with the fruit quality from this year’s harvest. Warm, sun soaked days and a drier than normal growing season provided optimal grape growing conditions.

Join me in filling a glass with a new release from the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. Cheers to the 2015 harvest!