A Word from the Wine Trail by Sam Landis of Vynecrest

Sam onlySummer and wine festivals seem to go hand in hand. For Vynecrest, specifically, we are just coming off our 25th year at Split Rock Wine Festival in the Poconos that was held last weekend. It’s interesting to see the evolution of wine festivals.

For example, Split Rock started out with four wineries and 500 attendees 25 years ago, and has now morphed into 36 wineries and roughly 8,000 attendees. It started out as an educational event that now is more centered around music, food and wine (much of if leaning towards the sweeter side, which is fine). This year Vynecrest was joined by three other Lehigh Valley Wine Trail members – Blue Mountain, Franklin Hill and Tolino – and much of Sunday was cut short by rain and muddy conditions.

Where am I going with this, you ask? Well as much as our winery has enjoyed the venue over the years, it has seemed to lose a bit of its luster. With the growth of so many festivals (wine, beer, and craft distilleries) the average consumer has more choices than ever on any given weekend to try one out. Which is why Wine on the Mountain at Penn’s Peak coming up on July 25 and 26, is different and far and away our favorite one to which we go.

Many of you have been traveling the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail for years, but this is the one chance every year when we come to you in one setting, and a beautiful one at that. The wine selection is much more varied than most other festivals with a larger selection of dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines from which to choose. You get to taste the difference in a Chambourcin from Breinigsville and a Chambourcin from Kresgeville, or a Vidal from Bangor and a Vidal from New Tripoli.

All nine of our wineries grow and produce most if not all of our wines, so you really get a chance to taste and buy local, while picking out the subtle differences that we all exhibit as vineyards and wineries. Some quick tips to get the most out of the Wine on the Mountain festival:

  • Take your time – things can get a little busy, but you will get a chance to visit all nine of us so relax and enjoy to setting
  • Leave your umbrella at home – its an indoor festival and is air conditioned.
  • Find a wine you love and soak up the views from the deck, which are some of best views in the region.
  • Utilize the wine check – out of all the wine festivals around, the staff at Penn’s Peak does an extraordinary job of letting the customer just taste and pick up all purchases at the end of event
  • Go on Sunday! – There will be a smaller crowd and a much more laid back atmosphere. It’s also a much better opportunity to talk to the owners and winemakers, many of whom will be on hand.

There you have it! Enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you at the Peak for the 12th Annual Wine on the Mountain Festival!