Join the “Lehigh Valley Wine Lover” Campaign!

We know you love Lehigh Valley wine and supporting local wineries. We also know you like to dine out. Do you ever wish your favorite restaurants carried local wines on their wine lists? SO DO WE!


We need your help to get MORE Lehigh Valley wines into MORE Lehigh Valley restaurants.

How can you help? By spreading your love of local wines to the restaurants where you dine with our new “Lehigh Valley Wine Lover” campaign.

1. Download the “Lehigh Valley Wine Lover” leave-behind cards HERE or pick them up the next time you are at one of our nine member wineries. Keep them in your wallet, purse or car so you have them on hand next time you dine out.

2. When you are enjoying a meal at your favorite local restaurant (one that serves alcohol, of course) and don’t see any Lehigh Valley wines on the wine list, present the leave-behind card to your server, hand it to the restaurant manager or owner, or leave it in the check presenter/folio when paying for your meal. Be sure to fill it out with the name of your favorite local winery and local wine first!

3. During your visit, take a photo of the wine list, menu, or your meal and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter, telling us what local wine you would have liked to pair with your meal and include the hashtag #lvwinelover. And when you find a local restaurant with Lehigh Valley wine on the menu, let us know via social media who it is so we can thank them for supporting our local wineries.

You can find our wine trail’s nine member wineries in the navigation menu at the top of this page.

To view a list of local restaurants that serve Lehigh Valley wines, visit the Trail Friends page and click on the Restaurants tab.

Wine Facts

Local wine = local jobs
As of 2011, over 8,600 people were employed by the state’s viticulture industry, earning over $400 million.

Local wine + tourism = more revenue for everyone!
Vino-tourism brings wine lovers to the region to explore our wine trail’s 9 wineries. While they are here they dine out at local restaurants too. In 2011 more than 1.2 million wine-related tourist visited the state, and they are estimated to have spent $222 million.

Buy Local is more than just meat and produce.
If a local restaurant you love already supports the national Buy Local movement by purchasing local fruits, vegetables and meat, it can also support our family-owned and operated wineries by purchasing local wine.

Local wine is much more than concord!
If you think all Lehigh Valley wine is sweet, then you don’t know local wine like you think you do! Our wineries win state and national awards for the wines they produce including Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, and more.