Please take a moment to review this helpful list of frequently asked questions covering a wide range of topics about our wine trail and member wineries before contacting us with your question. Thank you.


  • Donations & Sponsorships – The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail is a nonprofit organization and does not donate wine, gift baskets, gift cards, etc. to other organizations or entities. It also does not sponsor events. As such, we do not respond to emailed requests for donations. To request donations of wine or to invite a winery to participate in your event, please contact our member wineries individually via the contact information on their respective pages of this site.
  • Tours – The Wine Trail does not coordinate tours for customers, and does not provide or arrange transportation to and from our member wineries.
  • Designated Drivers – We strongly encourage you to use a designated driver when you explore our wine trail.
  • Take your time – We discourage you from trying to visit all nine member wineries in one day. Please plan to spend a long weekend or a few week days making your way around to our wineries so you are not rushed. And remember, little tastes add up!
  • Weekday visits – Our wineries are typically less busy during the week than they are on weekends. So if possible, plan your visit during the week.
  • Winery hours of operation – Not all of our wineries are open daily, so please contact the winery you plan to visit in advance or check their web site for hours of operation before heading out. Most of our member wineries are open weekdays as well as weekends. So please feel free to plan your visit during the week when the wineries are less busy.
  • Wine tasting fees – Each winery sets its own policy regarding wine tasting fees, the number of tastings permitted, and the refunding of the fee if a purchase is made. Before beginning a wine tasting at a winery be sure to ask what their policy is.
  • Groups – Each winery also sets its own policy regarding visits by groups, and the use of commercial vehicles such as buses, limos and vans. Please contact the winery or wineries you plan to visit before planning your trip to make the proper arrangements in order to ensure the best experience.
  • Vendors/crafters – The Wine Trial does not book vendors/artisans/crafters for any of our annual events. Please reach out to our member wineries individually.
  • Musicians/bands – The Wine Trial does not book musicians, bands, musical groups or any other entertainment for any of our annual events. Please reach out to our member wineries individually.
  • Private events – While not all of our wineries host private events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and weddings, a few of them do. Go HERE for a list of wineries that host these events.