Tasting Tips

If you’re new to tasting wine and find it a little intimidating, then just start with the 5 S’s.


1. See.

Look at your wine. Hold the glass by the stem and tilt it to the side. Look at the color. Do you see a color difference between the center and the edges?


2. Swirl.

Gently swirl your glass. This allows oxygen into the wine and opens the aroma. Don’t skip this step or you cannot proceed to the next one.


3. Sniff.

Hold the glass a few inches from your nose, then drop your nose into the glass and inhale. What do you smell? Most wine descriptions will state the aromas you should smell. Can you detect them, or do you detect others?


4. Sip.

Take a little sip and let it roll on your tongue before you swallow. Sipping is important. When you sip, let the wine be exposed to all areas of your tongue so you can detect sweet, sour, savory, bitter, salty, etc.


5. Savor.

Take a second sip of the wine and savor it. After you swallow the wine, note the finish and how long it lasts. Remember that a tasting is an experience, so take your time and enjoy it.


by Galen Glen Winery