Clover Hill to debut Ruby Port wine on 1/30

Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery is excited to release its first ever Ruby Port on January 30 and 31. By definition, port is a red wine that has started the fermentation process and then, at the right point, the fermentation abruptly stops by adding back distilled alcohol. The resulting wine is a sweet, dessert style wine with a warm finish.

Clover Hill’s Ruby is a fortified wine produced from 100% Chambourcin grapes. This wine expresses youthful, fruity characteristics such as berry and cherry but, it also packs a powerful punch with the warm, soothing alcohol of 19.6%. Ruby has no oak aging and is meant to be consumed within one year of purchase.

Winemaker John Skrip III has been a longtime lover of port wines; however this is his first commercial release. Only 574 bottles were produced.

(Due to the limited nature of this wine there will be a $3 tasting fee for 1 ounce of Ruby.)