The Vintner’s Experience

New for 2018 is a month-long June event called The Vintner’s Experience which is part of our new Lehigh Valley Wine Trail Month promotion.

Dive into a month’s worth of fun and educational weekend events with The Vintner’s Experience at our trail’s 8 member wineries!

One $25 ticket gets you into all 8 Vintner’s Experiences. Ticket holders are permitted to attend each Vintner’s Experience ONCE.

Each winery offers their Experience once each weekend in June, which means there are four chances to attend each one.

(Note: The final, partial weekend of the month – June/July – is NOT part of the event. FYI)

Experiences last for approximately one hour, but some may be a little longer.

To learn more, order tickets and set up your personal schedule of Experiences, visit our event web site –

Event Details

This event finished on 23 June 2018

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