Three Questions with… Brad Knapp of Pinnacle Ridge

1. How does this spring’s quirky weather (an earlier-than-normal warm up, followed by many cold and wet days) affect the vines? Were any vines damaged by the winter’s big snow storm or recent spring frosts?

Extended warm weather in March can “wake up” the vines earlier than normal. Buds on grapevines will normally open or “break” in mid-April to early-May. So our budbreak this year is earlier than normal and this can put the young, tender shoots at risk for frost damage (last frost date is May 15 in our area). The good side of an early bud break is an earlier harvest which improves the level of ripeness that we can achieve in our vineyards.

2. A new season of Blues in the Barn starts up next month. What is it about this summertime concert series that makes it so popular with music and wine lovers?

Our Open House Concert series kicks off on May 21 and we have scheduled more concerts than ever before for this season. People love music, people love wine, and people love old barns, so the combination is a special treat. Speaking of special treats, we will be adding food trucks into the mix this year for the first time.

3. Say that I’m a fan of Pinnacle Ridge wines. Why should I join your Case Club? What benefits will I get from it?

The Pinnacle Ridge case club offers members two significant benefits (besides enjoying cases of wine). Firstly, we offer case club members a 10% discount on their first three case purchases, and 30% off their fourth case, and then the cycle repeats. There are no fees or time limits associated with the program. Second, we offer special events for case club members, such as classes on wine tasting, wine and food pairing, new releases and barrel tastings.