Three Questions with … Dominic Strohlein of Big Creek Winery

Dominic2This month we interviewed winery owner and wine maker Dominic Strohlein of Big Creek Winery in Kresgeville for our Three Questions with feature.


1. With harvest season just about to get under way, what are your early thoughts on the wines that will be made from these grapes based on how the growing season turned out?

So far it looks like it is going to be an above-average year. A little more rain and it would have been close to perfect. Everything is healthy and ripening at an even pace which translates into very interesting wines later on. Even the birds are respecting the fruit!

2. What new wine releases will we see from Big Creek before the end of this year? Did you plant any new vines in the vineyard this year? If so, what were they?

Traditionally we do a few seasonal wines. For Thanksgiving we like to have both a Spiced Apple Wine and an Apple Cider. If time permits we will also have a Nouveau Red for the holidays. But, wine is like pasta – you can’t rush it. When it is ready, you eat.

We did plant a row or two of an old, obscure French variety this year. We always like to see what will do best in our vineyard. Research is in our blood. It is easy to discredit old varieties as being unfashionable. Well, that is us in a nutshell

3. Last year your wine shoppe in Jim Thorpe moved into a large location right at the entrance to town. What are you doing at the new location that you weren’t able to do at the former location?

The big change is that we can handle more people, and in a proper manner. Good conversation is important. Lots of elbow room. We even have a few tables and chairs, so we can offer wine by the glass.