Three Questions with… Kat Collins of Blue Mountain Vineyards

1. Harvest season is under way at your Blue Mountain Vineyards. How are the grapes looking this season, and what are your early predictions for the wines they will make in the 2016 vintage?

The grapes are looking great! They have low acid levels because of the drought conditions we’ve had this summer. This means the pH of the wines will be lower. A wine with lower pH will have more intense color, especially the red wines, and tend to have greater stability during aging which means less preservatives will have to be added to the wine. The grape color intensity, especially the reds, are quite good with this harvest. It’s always hard to predict how the finished wines will taste, but the quality of the grape harvest is above average this year.

2. The winery is well known for its weekly Sunday Blues live music series. What is it that guests love most about the pairing of your wines with live, local music?

One of our regular customers to our Sunday Blues summed it up well: “When I come here, I feel like I’m at home. Everyone treats me like family and the staff are so nice. I’ve made a lot of new friends over the years coming here for Sunday Blues and now we meet up all the time. We love bringing picnic food and drinking your delicious wine while listening to great music. It’s the perfect way to relax before beginning the week.”

3. You recently started a hashtag campaign #BMVlove on social media. The winery is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What inspired you to start it and how did you pick it?

We love interacting with our fans and customers via social media and it’s growing all the time. #BMVlove was created to bring everyone together who experiences BMV and share the love with others. One of our favorite things is hearing the stories and seeing all the pictures from our fans, and the hashtag is a way for us to share those experiences.

With #BMVlove, we can share all aspects of life with BMV, including sharing our own more personal experiences and stories. A perfect example is when, recently, Vidal, our resident Rottweiler, was sick. We shared the story on social media and the outpouring of love for Vidal and for us was beyond words. We couldn’t believe so many people were touched and had memories of visiting Vidal. We got to see photos of him and hear stories that we’ve never seen or heard before. It’s the power of social media bringing us together as a collective “family” and that’s what BMV and #BMVlove is all about, in addition to making high quality wine.