Three Questions with Sarah Troxell of Galen Glen

1. Tell us about your dog, Clemens. He seems to be the official mascot for the winery. What is his job?

Clemens is an exuberant, powerfully built seven-year-old yellow lab who just completed rehab for his second ACL surgery. Every weekday morning, he faithfully heads out with the Galen Glen vineyard crew and is particularly talented at finding bird and mouse nests in the canopy. Clem also loves to chase birds and any other wildlife that might wander onto our farm. However, like any working human, Clemens rests on the weekends, sleeping for most of it!

2. In the warm weather months Galen Glen expands its tasting room hours. How does a weekday visit to your winery differ from one on a weekend, and why would someone want to come during the week instead of on the weekend?

During the week, tasting is a much more intimate experience, with no crowds at the wine bar. With a glass of wine, guests can experience our magnificent view and peacefulness as we like to do every evening. We occasionally offer surprise pairings and special tastings during the week too. And you might even glimpse our vineyard crew manicuring our vines.

3. The second weekend of July your winery welcomes award-winning author, David Joachim for a book signing event. How did this event come together?

For three years we have hosted a book signing with local authors and offered a pairing of one of their recipes with our wine. Through a mutual friend, we were introduced to award-winning author, David Joachim. The release of his latest book, Williams-Sonoma Grilling School, was a natural choice for a summer event. We love pairing local wine with local food and are excited we can now pair another local author with local food enthusiasts.