Three Questions with… Dominic of Big Creek Vineyard

Dominic1. Your winery is the northern most winery on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. How does that affect your grape growing and harvest season?

Being further north definitely presents us with both challenge and opportunity. The shorter growing season, punctuated by later spring and earlier fall frosts than the valleys to the south, means we have littler room for error. Over the years nature has taught us what we can grow and how to grow it. During the early ripening phase the cool nighttime temps favor flavor and structure in the wines.

2. Big Creek’s red wine offerings include varieties such as Marechal Focht, Frontenac, and Regent that are not grown by many, if any, other local wineries. What is it that you like most about using different grape varieties?

I like them because they always ripen wonderfully and are much easier to care for. The varieties we have in the vineyard today, as compared to twenty five years ago, represent a lot of trial and error. Over the years we have planted and replanted dozens of varieties trying to find those best suited to our site. We are almost there.

3. Your winery recently moved its wine shoppe location in Jim Thorpe into a new building. Where is it located now and how is it different than your old location?

Our new location is 41 Susquehanna St. in the old Hooven Mercantile building, right next to the train station. The new spot is much more visible and a lot larger, with a lot more space for tasting and displaying the works of local artists. We are also much closer to the parking lots, making it easier to get bottles of wine to customer’s cars.