Three Questions with… Elaine Pivinski of Franklin Hill Vineyards

Elaine headshot1. Now that summer is in full swing, what is taking place in the vineyard? What is your team doing to care for the vines as the grapes grow?

The vineyard is a busy and beautiful place right now. A few varieties of grapes are beginning to go through veraison (a fancy word for turning purple). Our team of vineyard workers are busy working on their farmer tans as they sucker (remove low growing shoots from the vines), thin the shoots to allow the sunlight to ripen the grapes, and continually train the vines upward on the wires.  All indications point to a terrific harvest season!

2. You use names or images of several family members in your wines and on their labels. Since FHV is a family-owned and operated business, how do you decide which family member to feature next?

Naming our wines for family members has become a tradition at Franklin Hill starting with Katie’s Creek for Adam’s wife Kate.  Then we created White Jade, Evanswood, and Redhead for Elaine’s three grandchildren. Time and inspiration will tell which lucky family member will be next to appear on a bottle of Franklin Hill Wine!

3. We see that the FHV Festival Crew is out and about again this summer. What is it that the team loves most about visiting summer festivals all over our region?

Our Festival Crew is pumped up and full of fun as they head out to over 14 festivals this season. We have a super team that just loves sharing our wines throughout the state.  What do they love best?  The people of course! Each festival brings old friends and brand new FHV drinkers to our booth. Look for us with our “LIVE HAPPY” shirts,  we’re the ones serving up great wines and fun!