Three Questions with… Gregg Amore of Amore Winery

gregg-amore_amoreHow did this past weekend’s blizzard affect the vineyards?

The blizzard had no effect on the vineyard. Snow is typically not a problem. What vineyards do not like are abrupt and extreme temperature changes. Ideally the vines like to acclimate slowly to progressively colder temperatures in fall and gradually re-acclimate to progressively warmer temperatures in the spring. Also, different varieties have different degrees of cold hardiness. Hopefully, people choose to plant vines that can withstand the temperatures of the Northeast.

What are some of your favorite wines to enjoy in the winter and why do you enjoy them in cold weather?

I personally gravitate to reds in the winter and whites and pinks in summer. But that is mostly a personal thing. Reds typically have more character and a bit more to savor. Summer seems to bring out a pallet for a more light and fruity wine. But, that is just me. The best wine is that which pleases the pallet.

What new wines can we expect from Amore in the first half of 2016?

Amore will not have any new types of wine in 2016, however there will be some new vintages released. This Blackberry is exciting, with a deeper bouquet and sweet finish. It will be great with anything chocolate. Also, there will be a release of Vidal Blanc. It is light and crisp, with a slightly citrus character and smooth finish. It is nice with fish, white meat and light sauces. We will be releasing a few more throughout the year. Stop by and check them out.