Three Questions with… Sarah Troxell of Galen Glen Vineyards

STroxell11. Stone Cellar Barrel 29 recently returned to the wine list. If someone is new to dessert wines, what should they know about how best to enjoy a rich wine such as this? What should it be paired with?

After a lengthy wait, we recently released 120 cases of our Barrel Twenty-Nine, a port style dessert wine. Barrel Twenty-Nine features prominent notes of coffee, dark cocoa and dried cherry. When pairing dessert wines, keep in mind that the wine should be sweeter than the dessert. For Barrel Twenty-Nine we recommend rich desserts, but not overly sweet, like a flourless dark chocolate torte, and aged cheeses, like an 18 month gouda.

2. Earlier this summer you started a new monthly event called Food Truck Fridays. Food trucks are all the rage in our region right now. Why did Galen Glen decide to invite them to the winery?

Locally there is a big tradition, whether you’re 21 or 71, “Friday night is date night.” We decided to share our magnificent property one Friday evening a month, allowing customers to experience the tranquility and beauty of our farm at dusk. Since there are only a few Friday nights in the summer, we have hand selected the best food trucks from the Valley. It’s a very festive night as guests enjoy a glass of wine, great food and depart at sundown toting bottles and cases for home.

3. Want to make any early predictions for the fall harvest based on the growing season thus far?

Color change has started on our Zweigelt, so exciting! And the long range weather forecasts for autumn, if you can trust them, look excellent. My husband, winery co-owner and winegrower, Galen, and vineyard crew have all our vines beautifully balanced, disease free and ready to ripen many tons of wine grapes. We can’t wait!