Vino in the Valley FAQs

If you’ve never participated in our annual Vino in the Valley event you might have some questions. So we summarized the most popular questions we get asked and listed them below with answers. We hope this helps!

What weekends does the event take place?

March 3 & 4, 10 & 11, 17 & 18, 24 & 25. It does not take place on weekdays, nor does it take place on Saturday, March 31. Also, it only takes place at the member wineries, not at their wine shoppe locations.

What are the hours?

Saturdays – 11 am – 5 pm, and Sundays noon – 5 pm. We recommend visiting your first winery of the day right when they open since the wineries get busier as the day goes on.

Do I have to travel the trail in a specific order or start at a specific winery?

No. Start at any member winery and explore the trail in whatever order works for you. But be sure to visit all 8 wineries and have your passport stamped at each one.

Do I have to start visiting wineries the first weekend of the event?

No. The event takes place over the course of four weekends in March, so you can start later in the month as it works best for your schedule. You pick which Saturdays and Sundays you want to visit.

I’m planning to attend with a large group of friends (8 or more people). What do I need to know?

Since this is an extremely busy month at all of our member wineries, we ask that you call ahead to the wineries you plan to visit each day to schedule your visits so they can be prepared to receive your group. Read our group guidelines HERE, which are also printed on each passport.

I’m planning to hire a driver and a commercial vehicle for my group to travel the trail. Is that allowed?

No. Per the group guidelines printed on your passort, no commercial vehicles of any type (limos, buses, vans, etc.) are allowed at any of the trail’s 8 member wineries on weekends in March.

What are this year’s food and wine pairings?

Go HERE to read what tasty treats our wineries have planned for you this year. NOTE: food and wine portions are tasting/sample sized.

Can I visit the same winery multiple times if I like their food and wine pairing?

No. Each passport holder is limited to one pairing at each of our 8 member wineries. Your passport will be stamped at each winery you visit during the event to denote that you have received their pairing.

Does my passport include a wine tasting?

Yes. Each passport holder is entitled to a complimentary wine tasting at each of our 8 wineries during your visit. This is in addition to the food and wine pairing you are given.

I heard something about local restaurant gift cards being given away this year. What’s that all about?

New this year, each winery will be giving away 25 $50 local restaurant gift certificates at random over the four weekends of the event. There will be 200 instant winners! One in 9 passport holders will win. Visit all 8 wineries to improve your chance of winning. Also, get your passport stamped by all 8 wineries for a chance to win the Grand Prize Drawing – a gift certificate for $250 Wine Trail Bucks (to be given away in April after event is over.

Is there a designated driver passport?

Yes. DD passports are complimentary and can be picked up at the first winery you visit. They entitle the passport holder ONLY to the food portion of the pairing and to enter to win the Grand Prize Drawing certificate.