A Word from the Wine Trail by Gregg Amore

The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail has just concluded its annual Penn’s Peak wine festival, Wine on the Mountain. It is the one time each year when the Wine Trail member wineries come together under one roof. Patrons enjoy the opportunity to sample and purchase the unique array of wines offered by the member wineries.

In addition to the wineries, there is an outstanding array of artisan vendors offering their unique craft creations to satisfy all creative and collector inclinations. Vendors are strategically placed on the second floor, so guests need not co-mingle their tasting and collecting endeavors.

All of this happens inside the Penn’s Peak arena, affording all the luxury of air conditioning and a weather-proof event. There’s no fear that an advance ticket purchase will be tainted by bad or hot weather, as we had this year with high temperatures. Also, for those who enjoy the outdoors, the outside patios with tables and chairs offered the most incredible mountain top views you will find anywhere. There was also plenty of food for those with an abundant appetite.

As if this were not enough, the icing on the cake is the music. All weekend long, songs and sounds from two bands made it difficult to contain the urge to dance. Late Sunday afternoon the crowd could no longer sit in passivity, and they took to the dance floor and rocked out for the entire last hour of the festival. A great time was had by all.

If you missed it this year, save the date for 2017 . It is always the fourth weekend in July. And while you have your calendar out, make a note that there are also three wine trail events remaining in September, October and November.

All the best to you from the LVWT.