A Word from the Wine Trail by Kari Skrip Gavenus

John and Kari Skrip_CHAs the weather begins to shift to cooler temperatures, I find that my taste in wine changes. Over the summer, the warm weather and sunny days have me reaching for a cool glass of white wine or a refreshing bubbly. Now, as the leaves begin to change colors and the air is crisp I tend to reach for a red wine.

Here are a couple of the reasons for this shift in drinking style:

The serving temperature is part of the reason for my seasonal change in wine styles. General rule of thumb is whites, roses and sparkling wines should be served chilled (49-55 degrees), so during the warmer months a chilled wine is much more refreshing. After a long day of working outside in the sun, my favorite treat is a beautiful glass of bubbly! Reds should be served at cellar temperature (62-68 degrees) and I find they are a better companion for the cooler months. One of the big exceptions to this rule is the sweeter red wines are often served chilled – making a sweeter red wine a nice choice for a summer sangria.

I notice my food choices also change in the cooler months and in turn have an affect on a wine pairing. In the summer I reach for lighter, garden-fresh dishes and a delicate white wine. When the days get shorter and the air is cooler, I go for heartier meals with richer, more dense flavors and pair them with a fuller body wine. One of my favorite pairings in the fall is a hearty chili paired with Chambourcin.

As we turn our attention to the fall season, it is a great time to explore new wine styles along the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail. As you travel to our area wineries, ask for recommendations for a new taste; look for wine and food pairing times; and be open minded to try something new. There is so much more to wine than Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. We would love to be your guide! Let the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail help you find something perfect to sip this season.